Nails Services Specials

Looking to make your Beautiful Life even more so with Beautiful Nails? These gorgeous nail specials should do the trick! Our specials are offered from time to time so please check back often so as not to miss them.

Getting your nails done? Have your little princess get her's done while she waits too! With specials for children under 12 years old, your princess can show off her new manicure and pedicure just like you.

Kid Nail Service Age Under 12

Kid Nail Service Under 12Price
Spa Pedicure$28
Spa Manicure$15
Spa Pedi & Mani$38
Gel Additional$15
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We carry the best nail polishes

Our experienced professional staff uses quality nail polishes and gels to create the best results. We carry some of the highest quality and award winning brand polishes including OPI nail polishes and Gelish nail polishes among others.

Did you know this about nails?

To grow 1 centimeter nail take 100 days (approximately) and to completely renew they need 4 to 6 months. While toenail take much longer time 12 to 18 months.

Your toenails are twice as thick as your fingernails.

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